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Engineering Design & Build


Grade Level

T/Th 2:00 to 3:00 pm

9th-12th graders


About the Course

This course will introduce students to the engineering design process as they tackle civil engineering projects and challenges. Students will work cooperatively in groups to brainstorm, design, analyze and construct prototypes in response to real world design challenges. Drafting and mathematical analysis will be introduced as well. Most projects culminate with student groups presenting their work - successes and failure - as part of the design process. This class is ideal for high school students. There will be work needed to be done for projects outside of class.

Your Instructor

Jeanne Robinson

Jeanne is the Director/Co-founder of Cheverly STEM. She is a seasoned homeschooling mom of seven children. She is a yogi and vegetarian by nature and an engineer by training (UMCP). Jeanne has been working in the field of civil engineering for 30+ years. During which she managed multi-million dollar budgets and supervised thousands of employees - training many of them. Additionally, she and her husband have built home additions, decks and custom furniture, as well as their own geodesic home in Cheverly. She loves working with young people and looks forward to meeting your family.

Jeanne Robinson
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