Grade Level

Wednesday 1 to 2 pm & Wednesday 2 to 3 pm

7th- 8th graders at 1 & 5th-6th graders at 2


About the Course

Grades 6-8: This course will focus on introductory geography concepts, continents, countries, and landforms before moving to a study of Maryland, the United States, our neighbors in North American and in the western hemisphere. This course is ideal for middle school students. Grades 9-12: This course will focus on current countries and cultures of the western and eastern hemispheres. Geography is often an overlooked subject, yet it is so relevant to a more complete understanding of science and social studies, eventually leading to a better understanding of national and global issues and politics. This course is ideal for high school students.

Your Instructor

Oskar Eriksson

Oskar is a local talent who had just completed his undergraduate degree in environmental science when he first taught for Chv STEM. Soon after, he set out on another adventure, working on his Master's degree in Europe. Now he is back and is excited to be teaching his two favorite subjects, Ecology and Geography at Chv STEM again.

Oskar Eriksson