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Grade Level

T/Th 11 to noon

10th to 12th graders


About the Course

This course will focus on the sizes, shapes, positions, angles and dimensions of structures two and three-dimensional figures. Students will learn about congruence, similarity, proportion, circumference, area, volume, the pythagorean theorem, coordinate plane, proving basic geometric theorems and extending our work into the study of triangles with trigonometry. This course is ideal for students who have completed algebra I and hopefully algebra II.

Your Instructor

Ann Caldwell

Ann is the Director/Co-founder of Cheverly STEM

Ann is a seasoned homeschooling mom of three children. For most of her career she has been a science curriculum specialist. Ann started by teaching high school chemistry and math before moving to curriculum evaluation at American Association for the Advancement of Science (AAAS) for 8 years. She also spent 3 years developing and teaching elementary science curricula. Ann has a Master’s in education and nearly completed a PhD in science education before her children were born. She is an outdoor enthusiast who loves teaching and is looking forward to building the STEM center over the next several years.

Ann Caldwell
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