Health & Wellness


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not offered this coming year


About the Course

This course will cover a wide range of topics that will promote overall healthy living . One primary theme of the class will be personal health, in which students will learn about the factors that influence physical, mental, emotional, social, and nutritional health outcomes. The second primary theme will be public health, in which students will learn about and discuss the ways to best achieve health and wellness at a regional, national, and global level. Topics will include nutrition, fitness, staying healthy, decision-making as well as mental and emotional health topics such as coping strategies for stress and anxiety.

Your Instructor

Brandon Wallace

Brandon is currently pursuing his Doctoral degree in Kinesiology at the University of Maryland-College Park after receiving his Master's in Physical Culture Studies and his Bachelor's degrees in Sports Communication and Sociology from Bradley University in Peoria, Illinois in May of 2017. Born and raised in the Midwest, Brandon developed an early love for sport and fitness and was heavily involved in athletics, particularly baseball, basketball, and football. Brandon hopes to use his education to promote physical activity and sport within the community and make it accessible to all.

Brandon Wallace