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Sports & Fitness


Grade Level

Thursday 1 to 2 pm & Thursday 2 to 3 pm

6th to 12th graders both hours


About the Course

One of our most popular classes, Sport & Fitness will focus on getting students to move, try new sports, learn new skills, gain confidence, play fairly, and value lifetime fitness.

Your Instructor

Lilah Teresa Drafts-Johnson

Lilah is a PhD Kinesiology student at the University of Maryland, College Park. She has been involved in sports at the collegiate level, as an NCAA track and field champion and coach, as well as in the industry as a bilingual gender-based violence prevention educator with professional baseball players. She can't wait to join the Cheverly STEM team to teach about the possibilities of sport as a platform for social change and a portal to connecting with ourselves and others!

 Lilah Teresa Drafts-Johnson
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