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Voice Acting


Grade Level

Thursday 10 to 11 am & Thursday 11 to noon

10th -12th graders at 10 & 8th -10th graders at 11


About the Course

Creative Writing is the gateway to self expression, artistic voice, and structured writing. Learning the use of punctuation and grammatical structure unlocks endless educational and personal possibilities. Students will find purpose and meaning behind the words they choose to place on paper as they are guided towards the rewards of creative writing.

Your Instructor

Tokia Carter

Tokia has certainly made a name for herself in the poetry community since 2006 by performing at Ottawa University (Canada), Cornell University, and opening for the late Gill Scott-Heron in 2009. She has been invited to welcome the freshman class of American University every year from 2008. She was a member of Busboys and Poets’ 2009 Slam Team, Word War II Champion, and served as the Busboys and Poets' Slam Master. She's also had the pleasure of hosting the book signings for legendary Poets Nikki Giovanni and Sonia Sanchez. Currently, she welcomes the life lessons, as they make for beautiful and honest poetry.

Tokia Carter
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