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Cheverly STEM Education Center provides quality STEM classes to homeschoolers, grades 6-12.   Our students come to us from a variety of educational backgrounds, both traditional and non traditional.  Cheverly STEM offers its learners the best of schooling experiences: cool projects, exciting classes, supporting learning environment, while leaving all of the negative parts, (pressure, grades, and testing) behind.  We understand that students learn at different rates and in different ways. Our goal is to provide the environment that supports learners in their own journey. 

One day in September 2013...

... we opened our doors and almost by accident created the Cheverly STEM Education Center.  Late August 2013, Ann called Jeanne and asked about getting the old coop back together - and Jeanne agreed.  However, within a week, rooms were rented and list-serve announcements were posted.  We started that fall with two classes, two teachers and about 20 students, six of which were our own! Since that day, our program has grown organically, little by little, each year an improvement on the previous year.  More students joined, more classes were added and more teachers signed-on.  Our "faculty" has grown from 2 to 18 and we now offer three full days of classes to over 150 students.  We feel that Cheverly STEM offers the best parts of school - community learning and cool activities - while leaving all the pressure and testing behind.  We couldn't be prouder of this program or this community of learners.  

Our Classes...

... emphasize hands-on sequential experiences through which students discover important concepts principles as well as encourage the development of critical-thinking skills.  We are not a cooperative.  Our courses are taught by educators and/or practicing professionals in their fields.  Our teachers create a student-centered learning environment.  But more than that, we see each student as an important part of this community of learners. Students as equal partners in the learning process.  

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