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Cheverly STEM terms and conditions to participate

Cheverly STEM Education Center's terms and conditions to participate, and the accompanying Student Contract and Parent Acknowledgment Forms:

Cheverly STEM Education Center is a unique, non-traditional learning program focused on providing STEM courses for middle and high school students. We see each student, teacher and family as unique, with individual gifts and strengths, each of whom contributes to our learning community. Beyond teaching students about the exciting fields of science, math, engineering and technology, our goal is to guide students to reach their fullest potential as humans in community with one another. To ensure a consistent understanding of the standards in our learning community, we have outlined behavior expectations in our Student Code of Conduct.



As we truly enjoy working with each student and his/her family and it is our sincerest hope that we will never need to enforce these policies. Student interactions at Cheverly STEM have not only been positive, but also uplifting of each member and the entire community of homeschoolers learning together. We are sure this will continue as our learning community grows.



Terms and Conditions


PHOTO RELEASE – Throughout the school day, teachers at Cheverly STEM take photos of the activities in their classrooms, mostly to show what and how the students are doing.  We make these photos accessible to parents via Facebook or by request as needed for portfolio reviews, etc. Cheverly STEM may also classroom photos in our advertising pamphlets and brochures.   


LUNCH HOUR RELEASE– We value our hour-long lunch break, which gives students plenty of time to eat, hang-out with friends, study or play outside. We request that students eat on the first floor or outside, and clean up after themselves. Afterwards they are free to walk across an access road to Legion Park for recess or play board games in the lunchroom.

•   We request that all students stay on campus for the entire time they are enrolled in a scheduled class and or at lunch.



LIABILITY RELEASE - Students at Cheverly STEM Education Center participate in various activities, both in and out of our classroom settings.   In everyday activities at Cheverly STEM there is always the risk of injury or accident. Although the directors and teachers at Cheverly STEM will endeavor to keep those risks to a minimal, risks are nonetheless still present.  Given those risks, parents and guardians still choose for their child(ren) to participate fully and assume all of the above-mentioned risks. Furthermore, the teachers, directors, parent volunteers and other members of the Cheverly STEM Education Center and the Cheverly United Methodist Church, are free from any and all claims for injuries and loss to any person or property which may arise out of or result from their child(ren)’s participation in this program.

Classroom Activity and Lab Safety



Chv STEM is a hands-on experience!  You will be doing many classroom and laboratory activities, some of which will require the use of potentially hazardous equipment and/or materials.  Safety is our #1 priority. To ensure safety, here is a list of rules for each student to follow in classes at Cheverly STEM.


1.       Conduct yourself responsibly at all times, no horseplay, loud talking, etc.

2.       Follow all written and verbal instructions.

3.       Never work alone or perform unauthorized experiments.

4.       Do not eat, drink or chew gum during lab.

5.       Keep your work area neat, store bags and lunches away from lab area.

6.       Know the location of sinks, exits, and first aid.

7.       Be alert and proceed with caution at all times.

8.       Dispose of chemicals properly, as instructed.  

9.       Keep hands away from your eyes, mouth, face and body while using chemicals.  Make sure to wash hands after preforming all experiments.

10.  Pull long hair back, don’t wear loose clothing or open-toed shoes during labs.

11.  Always wear safety goggles.

12.  Report all accidents immediately.

13.  If you are unsure of anything during class, ask first!








I have reviewed these documents with my student and I agree to hold my student accountable in upholding these policies. Further, I understand the Lab Safety Agreement, and agree to the waivers outlined for the photo policy, lunch policy and liability for all activities.



I understand that by registering for classes at Cheverly STEM, I agree to all the terms and conditions outlined in the documents on this site.


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