Ann Caldwell ~ Director and Co-Founder  has been a homeschooling parent for 8 years.  She has 3 children (ages 18, 16, and 13). For most of her career she has been a science curriculum specialist. Ann started by teaching chemistry and moved to curriculum evaluation at American Association for the Advancement of Science (AAAS) for 8 years. She also spent 3 years developing and teaching elementary science curricula. Ann has a Master’s in education and nearly completed a PhD in science education - made ABD - then her third child (son James) was born.   She is  looking forward to building the STEM center over the next several years. 







Jeanne Robinson ~ Director and Co-Founder has been homeschooling for over 15 years.  She has 7 children. She currently homeschools her youngest son (17) and nephew (18). She is  a yogi and vegetarian by nature and an engineer by training (UMCP). Jeanne has been working in the field of civil engineering for 30+ years. During which she managed multi-million dollar budgets and supervised thousands of employees - training many of them.  Additionally, Jeanne has helped many of her older children navigate through high school, college and even graduate school coming from a homeschooling background.  She is a great resource for homeschooling parents looking to navigate the school system while homeschooling.




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conveniently located in the quiet town of Cheverly, in the heart of Prince George's county, Md.

just a few miles outside Washington D.C.

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