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Online Science Classes:         Online Elective Classes:                     

Ecology 6-7                                Cooking & Nutrition 7-9                               

Intro to Chemistry 7-9             Creative Writing 7-9

Biology 8-9                                Race and Equality 10-12

Anatomy 8-10                           Writing for College & Career 10-12

                                                    Health and Wellness 10-12

Online Math Classses:           Digital Photography 7-9

Math 6-7 

Pre-Algebra 7-9                         Online IT/Computer Classes:

Algebra 1 7-9                             Intro to Coding 7-9

Algebra 2   9-11                         Web Design 9-12

                                                    Computer Applications 8-10

Outdoor classes will be offered Tues -Thurs 9:30 to 12:30 Student groups (pods of ~12 students) will rotate through 3 classes, (nature & outdoor science, math in motion, and ‘no contact’ sport & fitness).

Outdoor classes may be the safest way to have students together this year, and we are fortunate to have a facility that comes with an abundance of outdoor spaces.  Our 'classrooms' will be the parking lot, a patio, as well as the nearby nature trail and playing fields. 

Students must wear masks, stay distanced; and get some academical and social time with their friends.


Students can sign up to be with their friends.   


New and Restructure Chv STEM Fall 2020 Program Options 

Welcome to the Cheverly STEM Education Center!  Needless to say this year is going to be a bit different. It has taken many months of planning and re-planning to finally land on a new and restructured Chv STEM program.  This fall we will offer two different options (1) outdoor classes and (2) online classes - a perfect hybrid of options!


Outdoor Classes:

Outdoor classes have been touted as the safest approach to group learning and we are fortunate to have access to plenty of outdoor learning spaces.  Our 'classrooms' will include the parking lot, a patio, nearby hiking trail and stream as well as neighborhood ball fields and parks.  Our outdoor classes will run a bit like a day-camp, as groups of students will rotate among three classes, science and nature (Ann), math in motion (Jeanne) and sport and fitness (Mr. Brandon).  These classes are appropriate for 6-9 graders, meet one day/week (T,W or Th) and cost $350 for a seven week program.

Online Classes:

Online classes will be up and running this fall - another Chv STEM first!  We are pleased to be able to offer a few of our most popular classes in an online format.  Our goal this year is to provide some structured learning opportunities, a bit of togetherness and a small slice of normal.  These classes will offer 1-2 weekly 'live' meetings as well as a student work day.  Although the exact meeting times for classes are still being worked out, they will be scheduled during normal school hours 10 am - 4 pm.

Cheverly STEM Education Center

The Cheverly STEM Education Center is a non-traditional education program that primarily provides engaging STEM classes that are not typically available to homeschooled students.  Our classes provide structured learning opportunities with a social backdrop all to support the journey of homeschoolers and their families.  We started with engaging science, technology, engineering and math classes, but have added a few cool and complimentary humanities as well.  Our classes are taught by educators and field professionals and are appropriate for students ages 11 thru 18.  We also offer summer STEM camps - why should homeschoolers have all the fun?

Our Students

Our students are typically 6-12 graders.  Unlike typical homeschool cooperatives, Cheverly STEM is a drop-off program.  Our students must be able to navigate through their day from class-to-class, taking notes and participating in class discussions and labs.  Our students are active participants in the learning process.  Our teachers share this goal, by providing engaging classroom activities.  Teachers and students work with collaboration and respect.  Please feel free to schedule a 'shadow day' to see us in action.  


Our Teachers

Our teachers are educators and/or field professionals.  Many currently working part-time, which allows them to teach with us.  We are fortunate to have such a high-quality faculty.    


Academic Calendar 2020-2021


Fall Semester: September 15 - November 2


Fall Semester I: September 8 - October 23 online classes 

Fall Semester II: October 26-December 18, 2020 (no class 11/23-27)

Winter Break

Spring Semester I: January 11 - February 26, 2021

Quarter Break

Spring Semester II: March 8- April 30, 2020 no class spring break 3/29-4/2


Homeschoolers Learning Together ​

The Cheverly STEM Education Center is commited to offering quality, sequential, project-based STEM classes. 


Our course offerings include: Anatomy, Biology, Cell Biology, Chemistry , Computer Coding, Earth Science, Engineering (civil and mechanical) Lego-Engineering, and Math Equations.

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2801 Cheverly Ave., Cheverly, Maryland 20785

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