Fall 2021


The Cheverly STEM Education Center is thrilled to announce that we are now accepting registration for our re-opening this fall.  We hope that our new zoom skills will allow us to offer a few hybrid classes (mostly math) along side of our usual in-person classes.  But after a year of just zooming, we can't wait to get back together in person!  No matter the format, our goal remains the same: to provide high quality, engaging and hands-on science, technology, engineering and math classes for middle and high school homeschoolers! 

Will this year be normal?  Not really, but it will be normal-ish!  We don't know exactly what health regulations will be in place, but we expect extra cleaning protocols, masking and distancing.  Even so, our course schedule is chock full of some of our favorite classes taught by some of our favorite teachers!  Better yet, we hope to keep with our annual traditions like end-of-quarter lunch parties, bake sale, spirit week, a yearbook, and everyone's favorite - a school dance!

Due to COVID class size is limited to 12 students.  We will run a waitlist in the hopes that class size restrictions will be lifted this fall. Our ideal is 15-18 students/class.

So the schedule looks a little different this year.  Due to COVID restrictions, we've had to reduce the number and type of classes we can offer.  In a sense this STEM program has had to go back to its roots (pun intended!).  With limited space we are focusing on math, science and movement-oriented classes, the perfect combination to bounce back from the pandemic.   Please peruse the schedule and talk with your family about our great options this year.  Here's the link:

Hey, that looks great!  So how do I sign up?  Glad you asked!  We have two different procedures, see below and follow the links.

Registration for Returning Students - (1) Review the course schedule, talk with family, (2) complete registration form, and (3) pay registration/COVID prep fee to reserve your space! 


Registration for New/Prospective Students - (1) Become familiar with our policies and procedures (outlined on this website under the homeschool tab), (2) attend one of our Meet & Greet sessions schedule for this spring, follow link below to sign-up, (3) review the course schedule, talk with family, (4) complete registration form, and (5) pay registration/COVID prep fee to reserve your space! 


New and Restructured Chv STEM Fall 2021 Program Options 

Welcome to the Cheverly STEM Education Center!  Needless to say this year is still going to be a bit different from our usual. We are beginning to plan for a safe and in-person Grand Re-Opening for Fall 2021.  We are hoping to use our new tech skills to broaden our program, allowing for some hybrid along side our usual in-person classes.  


Class Format:

After a year of zooming, we are thrilled to be back in-person this fall.  However our new zoom skills may allow us to offer some of our classes as a hybrid, both in the room and on the zoom at the same time.  As most of our classes include labs or are activity based, some classes will be better in person.  We will also offer classes that meet both in person (for activities and labs) as well as via zoom.  Our goal continues to be to provide some structured learning opportunities, a bit of togetherness and a small slice of normal.  Safety is our top priority.  

Cheverly STEM Education Center

The Cheverly STEM Education Center is a non-traditional education program that primarily provides engaging STEM classes that are not typically available to homeschooled students.  Our classes provide structured learning opportunities with a social backdrop all to support the journey of homeschoolers and their families.  We started with engaging science, technology, engineering and math classes, but have added a few cool and complimentary humanities as well.  Our classes are taught by educators and field professionals and are appropriate for students ages 11 thru 18.  We also offer summer STEM camps - why should homeschoolers have all the fun?

Our Students

Our students are typically 6-12 graders.  Unlike typical homeschool cooperatives, Cheverly STEM is a drop-off program.  Our students must be able to navigate through their day from class-to-class, taking notes and participating in class discussions and labs.  Our students are active participants in the learning process.  Our teachers share this goal, by providing engaging classroom activities.  Teachers and students work with collaboration and respect.  Please feel free to schedule a 'shadow day' to see us in action.  


Our Teachers

Our teachers are educators and/or field professionals.  Many currently working part-time, which allows them to teach with us.  We are fortunate to have such a high-quality faculty.    


Academic Calendar 2021-2022

Fall Semester I: September 7 - October 21

Quarter Break:  October 26-28

Fall Semester II: November 2 - December 16, 2020 (no class November 25)

                      ~~~Winter Break~~~

Spring Semester I: January 11 - February 24, 2022

Quarter Break:  Mar 1 -3 

Spring Semester II: March 8- April 28, 2022 (no class spring break April 12-14)


Homeschoolers Learning Together ​

The Cheverly STEM Education Center is commited to offering quality, sequential, project-based STEM classes. 


Our course offerings include: Biology, Biomechanics, Organic/Biochemistry, Computer Coding, Ecology, Algebra I and II, Physics and Engineering (civil and mechanical).