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American Sign Language Level 1 & 2


Grade Level

Thursday 1 to 2 pm & Thursday 2 to 3 pm

9th -12th graders at 1 & 8th-9th graders at 2


About the Course

This introductory ASL course will explore the foundational tools and concepts of this universal language.

Using the manual alphabet, fingerspelling, natural gestures, body language and eye contact will create a strong foundation for learning this unique and wonderful language.

We will build a vast signing vocabulary for practical everyday application through skits, roleplaying, and games.

Consistent practice and drills will encourage students,

with confidence to showcase their newfound skills.

This helps to "bridge the gap"

between the deaf and hearing community

Your Instructor

Tammy Whittaker

Tammy was born, raised and educated in the great state of Massachusetts. Go Celtics!
She enjoys ping pong, painting and decorating, volleyball, cooking, making fashion jewelry, and competitive game nights with my adult sons when they visit! She is looking forward to a wonderful year working with students at Chev-STEM.

Tammy Whittaker
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