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Ancient World History


Grade Level

Tuesday 1 to 2 pm & Tuesday 2 to 3 pm & Thursday 10 to 11 am

8th-10th graders at 1 & 9th-12th graders at 11 & 6th -8th graders at 10


About the Course

Ancient World History: This course focuses on the six major cradles of civilization: Mesopotamia, Egypt and the Nile River, India and the Indus Valley, China and the Huang He and Chang Jiang Rivers, Ancient Peru, and Mesoamerica!  Students will analyze the political, social, economic, and religious development of these great civilizations. Additionally, students will learn about the beliefs and contributions of Ancient Greece and Rome! Want to travel back in time?  Then this course is for you!

Your Instructor

Kendra Durney

Kendra has just entered her 14th year in education and is super excited to be joining Chev STEM! She has experience teaching subjects from World History to Algebra II, Intro Psychology to College Essay Writing, and Women's Voices to Self-Defense. Kendra is committed to social justice and service and she can't wait to share her knowledge and passion with our community!

Kendra Durney
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